Frédéric Alstadt

As a sound engineer hailing from his own Ångström studio in Brussels, Frédéric Alstadt is responsible for mastering countless records ranging from noise to electronic and folk, and for working with artists like John Tilbury, Kim Cascone, Joachim Montessuis, Charlemagne Palestine, Maja Ratke, Taliban! & Yasunao Tone, Noxagt, Amen Ra, Jonathan Saldanha, Loren Connors, Steve Mackay and the Belgian label Vlek.

In 1999, he co-founded the Ångström Records which focuses on releasing experimental and electronic music, as well as the most far-off innovations in the hip-hop sphere.

For his solo live shows, he delivers highly texturized constructions built from hacked and customized analogical equipment; leftovers from old radio stations and abandoned recording studios which are brought back to life for an unrepeatable one of a kind sound piece.

Lubomyr Melnyk
Continuous Music for Piano

Lubomyr Melnyk is an Ucranian pianist that explores rhythm and repetition through piano. The melodies constructed from a complex series of notes give way to an enchantment that can only be explained through the Continuous Composition method, a specific language that has been developed by Lubomyr himself since the 70’s.

With a clearly spiritual approach and an enviable lack of self-consciousness towards the “error”, his devotion to his instrument of choice led to the perfection of his technique that turns hearing into a joyful state of mind. Lubomyr remained in obscurity for most part of his artistic career, however, he is regarded as one of the missing links in avant-garde composition history.

Finally, and just as a curiosity, Lubomyr detains two curious titles, the first as the fastest pianist on the planet, 19,5 notes per second in each hand, and second, as the piano player that can play more notes in sixty minutes, with an average of 13 notes per second on each hand.

João Pais Filipe / Pedro Gomes / Laurent Jeanneau / Filipe Silva
Difusion of Sound Pieces

João Pais Filipe is a drummer, percussionist, Gong constructor and musician from HHY & The Macumbas, Fail Better!, Mécanosphère e Sektor304.

Pedro Gomes is a musician, guitarist from Caveira and music promotor agent and label editor.

Laurent Jeanneau develops the intersection between electronic music and field recordings especially from Southeast Asia. Edits at "Kink Gong Recs" and "Sublime Frequencies".

Filipe Silva presents the solo project H.O.M.O. / Hysterical One Man Orchestra, musician from HHY &The Macumbas and part of SOOPA Collective.

Aymeric de Tapol / Florian Hecker

Born in 1974, and currently living in Brussels, Aymeric de Tapol started to pay a special attention to sound in 1998, while filming the colored rehearsal studio doors at the Toulouse Music of University with an HI8 camera. Each door was painted according to the colors of the instrument department and the resulting film was later digitalized and edited as a cut-up. Ayemric has been working as a composer and sound engineer for film, video, documenatry and radio. His work focuses on large sonic scales — pulsating concrete drones — and repetitive, mystical field recordings. In addition, Aymeric take part in other collaborative projects like Le Câble de Feu, and playing guitar and tapes for ZoHo Frequencial Noise band. He has been releasing records since 2005 in labels like Vlek, Tanuki Records, Ångström Records and Silken Tofu Records.

Florian Hecker works primarily with performance and installation, frequently collaborating with other artists, as well as academic researchers in the fields of auditory perception and digital music. Through his work, Hecker aspires to make the physical, material properties and presence of sound more palpable to listeners and spectators. To this end, Hecker combines audio products with images that have been subjected to the same digital processes he uses to create electronic music.

12th June 2016 | 17—19h
Bolhão Market, Porto
The Rumor Cycle

With a shared trusteeship between Matéria Prima and SOOPA, and departing from the Rumor nymph, a mythological figure that amplifies and echoes the sound from earth and heavens into a mass composed by human laments and forgotten divine words, this programming cycle consists of a series of events dwelling in continuous music and resonance, in an attempt of activating and expanding the city spaces within a certain spectral sound route.