24 May 2015 | Matéria Prima | Porto


As a sound engineer hailing from his own Ångström studio in Brussels, Frédéric Alstadt is responsible for mastering countless records ranging from noise to electronic and folk, and for working with artists like John Tilbury, Kim Cascone, Joachim Montessuis, Charlemagne Palestine, Maja Ratke, Taliban! & Yasunao Tone, Noxagt, Amen Ra, Jonathan Saldanha, Loren Connors, Steve Mackay and the Belgian label Vlek.    ¶    In 1999, he co-founded the Ångström Records which focuses on releasing experimental and electronic music, as well as the most far-off innovations in the hip-hop sphere.    ¶    For his solo live shows, he delivers highly texturized constructions built from hacked and customized analogical equipment; leftovers from old radio stations and abandoned recording studios which are brought back to life for an unrepeatable one of a kind sound piece.