09 July 2015 | Passos Manuel | Porto


Lubomyr Melnyk is an Ucranian pianist that explores rhythm and repetition through piano. The melodies constructed from a complex series of notes give way to an enchantment that can only be explained through the Continuous Composition method, a specific language that has been developed by Lubomyr himself since the 70’s.    ¶    With a clearly spiritual approach and an enviable lack of self-consciousness towards the “error”, his devotion to his instrument of choice led to the perfection of his technique that turns hearing into a joyful state of mind. Lubomyr remained in obscurity for most part of his artistic career, however, he is regarded as one of the missing links in avant-garde composition history.    ¶    Finally, and just as a curiosity, Lubomyr detains two curious titles, the first as the fastest pianist on the planet, 19,5 notes per second in each hand, and second, as the piano player that can play more notes in sixty minutes, with an average of 13 notes per second on each hand.