2007 | Live CD-R recorded

Live CD-R recorded on February 3, 2007, includes 50 minutes of swing, funk, grind, blasts and bleeps. Has been described as "a gypsy band partying with Swans"! Classic psychedelic-folklore-sci-fi artwork.



Álvaro Almeida | trumpet, percussion
Gustavo Costa | drums, percussion
Henrique Fernandes | electric double bass
João Filipe | percussion
João Martins | saxophones
João Ricardo | synthesizers  
André Rocha | trumpet, percussion, melodica
Jonathan Saldanha | euphonium, percussion
Filipe Silva | keyboards, percussion
João Tiago | trombone, percussion
Dr. Hostilino | conductor

Press Articles

For over 50 minutes on February 3, 2007, the 9 musicians of F.R.I.C.S. and their televised conductor, Dr. Hostilino, turned the concert room of Casa Viva into a bandstand where an almost familiar fanfare invoked childhood dreams and nightmares, creating innocent and beautiful melodies in one moment, while exploding into dissonant sections right in the next. This hybrid of noise, funk, jazz, humour and brass music is highly commendable, and one can only hope that this musical tree will bear further fruit. In the meantime, you might just stumble upon F.R.I.C.S. in some forgotten bandstand, in some forgotten park.

André Gomes (2007) www.bodyspace.net


F.R.I.C.S. are undoubtedly the most psychedelic musical/social enterprise I've been involved in. Men with a mission which is constantly and progressively revealed, trailing the highways and cheap bars of Portugal in mystical routes - sometimes in a zig-zag - and crossing paths with nymphs, cyclops and other creatures of mental myth. It really is a form of hardworking celebration, with wine and camaraderie mixing with long drives and gas station junk food. Once I heard F.R.I.C.S. being described as a form of social madness; this outer layer of madness encloses a package of invented meta-pagan superstitions, popular ritualism and wine worshipping that makes F.R.I.C.S. continue the ancient and venerable tradition of armies of holy madmen. With "Abraço Vivo", you have a sonic and visual (a lot of our cosmology is contained in the CD's artwork) door that will lead you into this paralel universe.

Sr. Silva (2007) - Member of F.R.I.C.S

02- Suburbano Para Andrómeda

07- Fuga Em Ursa Menor


1- A Vida Não É Fácil
2- Suburbano Para Andrómeda
3- Tudo À Volta São Viadutos
4- I: Explica-me O Que É Que Eu Fiz
5- II: Caixas De Transporte De Coisas
6- Jubilai-lai-lai
7- Visto Por Outro Prisma É Espelho
8- Fuga Em Ursa Menor
9- O Terceiro Olho Brilhou
10- Até Chover Estática!