HHY & The Macumbas

The Macumbas are a cast of musicians assembled by Jonathan Saldanha to perform his percussion/brass/bass/echo constructions, combining a feverish barrage of bone-percussion, sub-bass pressure, clusters of horns and Skull Cave echo. Influenced by electricity, Ballard, Sherwood, Burroughs and Carpenter, using Dub to unravel the sonic spectrum and the rhythms from the mental jungle.

Legba | HHY & The Macumbas | Legba/Houmfort 7" | 2010 | SOOPA | 

Lewopa de Kristal | HHY & The Macumbas | Throat Permission Cut | 2014 | Silo Rumor | 

Variable Line–Up

Jonathan Saldanha | Dub Strategies
Álvaro Almeida | Trumpet
André Rocha | Trumpet
Rui Fernandes | Trombone
Filipe Silva | Punch
João Filipe | Drums
Frankão | Tamborzão
Brendan Rui Hemsworth | Congas
Rui Leal | Bass
Nicolas Esterle | Synth
Nuno Aragão | Sound

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